Anthony participates in various special events and expos during the year. As each event becomes known it will be advertised on this page. For more details contact Anthony.


Events in January 2024

Setting Our Frequency for 2024!
To celebrate the transition into 2024, join ShirleySienna and Anthony Kilner for a spiritually guided sound and Crystal Skull meditation evening.

The purpose of this evening is to clear, heal and reset body, mind and soul, in alignment with a higher frequency of vibration!

Tuesday Night 23rd January
7.00pm for a 7.15pm  – 9.15pm
$35 per head
Crib Point Community House
7 Park Rd Crib Point
Bookings via ShirleySienna
0403 484 892

Events in February 2024

Events in March 2024

The 1st Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Expo is coming!!!!!
Sunday 3rd March, at 251 High Street, Northcote.
Come to meet and chat with our TV show health and wellbeing professionals.
Free entry to the public!!!

I will be there chatting and doing readings on the day.  Top pre-book a reading please call Anthony on 0407 181 701.

I will be speaking on Saturday 16th Live at Glen Waverley.

Understanding the Journey to Your Authentic Self

Discovering your authentic self spiritually involves a journey inward, beyond societal expectations and external influences. It’s about exploring your beliefs, values, and connection to a higher purpose.

Anthony Kilner will share an understanding of how to embrace introspection, meditation, or prayer to foster self-awareness. Uncover passions that resonate with your soul and Higher Self, allowing genuine expression.

Through the use of Sound, Divining Rods and Meditation, Anthony will explain how to shed societal pressures, acknowledging that authenticity aligns with inner truth. Embrace the uniqueness of your spiritual path, fostering growth, acceptance, and a profound connection to your true self.

Authenticity empowers a fulfilling spiritual journey, transcending conformity for a deeper, more meaningful existence.