Holistic Healing

“Finding the right healing modality to suit your needs is the most critical part of getting a great result. There are a variety of ways to help everyone feel better and get on top of things.” – AK

Anthony offers a range of healing modalities including Reiki and Seichim, Spirit Healing, Trance Healing, Ear Candling & Chakra Balancing. The use of flutes & drums along with Tibetan and crystal bowls for vibrational healing supplements guided meditation to help people achieve a level of mental freedom.

Past Life Regression is another form of soul healing. Understanding how past life issues can influence the here and now provides an amazing insight to potential understanding.

Reiki and Seichim
This amazing process is very relaxing and peaceful. It helps clients’ achieve a very calm state and allows the body, mind and spirit to find its natural balance. By utilising symbols and Universal Energy, Reiki and Seichim are two different forms of energy work that combine beautifully to help people reach a balanced and relaxed state.

Spirit Healing
This form of healing is done with the client seated and relaxed. Anthony acts as a vessel for spirit to work through and the energy is directed where it needs to go by the healing guides. This differs from Reiki and Sechim which rely on the practitioner to work on the client from head to toe.

Trance Healing
Trance Healing is very similar to Spirit Healing except that the client lays down to receive the healing as Anthony works with his Spirit inspirers allowing then to work with the client.

Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™
BRCIVH™ is a system of using instruments, crystals and energetic healing to help people to work through energy, physical and mental crisis. It includes a range of skills to help people understand their dis-ease and to get their mind, body and energy working together as one.

Anthony utilises crystals, divining rods, Tibetan bowls and a gong along with Universal Energy to balance the chakras in a calm and relaxing way, allowing clients to feel grounded and brighter within themselves at the end of the balance.

Chakra Balancing – Crystals and Tibetan Bowls
We have 7 major chakras that are critical in the movement of energy around our body as well as allowing us to connect on multiple levels spiritually. If the chakras are out of balance then our lives can be impacted by poor physical, spiritual and mental health.

Vibrational Healing
Vibrational healing can be done with a huge range tools from crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, flutes and more. This modality of healing works on the entire physical body by exciting cells within the body to encourage self-healing. The sound promotes a relaxed state of mind which leaves the client feeling happier and more energised.

Having studied and practised the technique in Australia and India, Anthony has come to respect the power of vibrational healing as a tool to promote a client’s ongoing wellbeing.

A full-body relaxation massage is ideal for revitalising tired and stressed bodies. Anthony studied Tibetan massage while living in India after completing formal massage qualifications in Australia.

Muscle De-stress
A muscle de-stress treatment goes a step beyond a standard massage with excellent results in aligning the body into its natural position.

Ear Candling
This treatment is Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approved and leaves the client feeling calm and relaxed.

Pre-booking a spot is required – email Anthony – ak@bridgingrealms.com.au