Secret Spiritual Business

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“Is it possible to make money from home or abroad in the holistic field?”

“Can a person living a spiritual life define money as a means
of being successful?”

There are many ways to define a successful business and in the world of Spirituality, from psychics and Mediums to practitioners of holistic and alternative therapies such as massage or reflexology, the definition of success can be as varied as the participants themselves.

In this guide, journalist, photographer and practising Psychic Medium Anthony Kilner provides a framework to assist readers to define success for themselves. In clear and concise language Anthony also provides guidelines for those starting and operating a small home-based business or increasing an existing business profile and bottom line financially.

Anthony has hand-crafted 12 chapters covering everything from setting up a business name and dealing with accountants, to creating a great working space for clients to enjoy. It doesn’t matter what form of therapy or holistic approach to wellbeing is on offer, this practical advice is based on information gained from experts in accounting and marketing as well as many of Anthony’s personal experiences, some of which worked and some that went earth shatteringly wrong!

Anthony’s laid back style of writing makes for easy reading and the tips on offer could really help kick start the creation of a successful future in an alternative home-based business.