The Spiritual Coach

With the launch of this exciting new aspect to Bridging Realms’ services, Anthony now offers a coaching and mentoring service to help people create and manage their dream business.

Anthony has over 17 years experience in media, journalism, photography and artwork production.  This knowledge coupled with his extensive experience in small business is a winning formula that you can utilise to build your business.  Anthony can assist you to fully understand your business utilising a holistic approach.

As your coach or mentor, Anthony’s role is to assist you with the development of a functional and flexible business plan that will help you to achieve a successful and sustainable business for the long term.  This will be achieved through clear and concise communication regarding your business aspirations and the implementation of certain strategies.

Added benefits include networking and building relationships that endure and benefit all involved.

Anthony’s book, Secret Spiritual Business – Unlocking the Power to Holistic Success is just about out of print with only a few hard cover copies left. It is avaiable on Amazon as ebook.

book cover

If you  are interested in the book and want to know more contact Anthony.  Anthony conducts invaluable one-on-one sessions  if you need start-up  advice or tips and strategies to get your business moving!

For more detailed information contact Anthony on 0407 181 701.

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