Healthy Spirit – Book 3




Healthy Spirit is the third and final book in the Health Conscious Series trilogy put out by Busybird Publishing.

Foreword by Fr Bob Maguire

Anthony contributed an chapter called The Soul’s Journey of Understanding. In this amazing co-authored book, Anthony’s chapter is all about understanding a person’s individual journey, energy and how mind, body and spirit come together as a package creating a healthy spirit.

‘Healthy Spirit is the third instalment in the Health Conscious series, featuring articles from regular people, from a lawyer to a psychic, to a publisher and almost everything else in between. The articles are written to be insightful’, interesting and useful to you in their differing ideas about what a spirit is

Anthony launched the first in a trilogy of co-authored books, Healthy Mind in 2015, with Healthy Body following in February 2016.  Healthy Spirit book was launch in 2018 completing the trilogy.

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